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Cosmetic Dentistry In Bannerghatta Road.  Dr. Prashanth Reddy, the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Bannerghatta Road.with his professional team offers the finest Cosmetic dental solutions in reasonable price. If you need  any kind of dental needs feel free to contact us any time. 

If the advancement of technology cosmetic dentistry ensures that everyone has a perfect smile, no matter what is the tooth defects the person would be having. There are several methods and procedure to fix the problem that the patient would be having.

There are some current trends in cosmetic dentistry

DENTAL BONDING With Best Cosmetic Dentist in Bannerghatta Road


Dental bonding is a treatment which is used to treat patients with chipped or broken tooth. It is a procedure which is used to preserve and repair damaged tooth to have a natural look. Normally dentists treat patients to makes sure that they get the functionality of the tooth and not the aesthetics of the tooth. By using composite bonding we can get both the functionality and aesthetics of the tooth. In order to perform this procedure dentists use a special composite material like tooth’s enamel. As this procedure is painless by performing this procedure it would increase the appeal the smile of the patient.


Even after major mass of people brush and floss properly the tooth would get stained due various reasons like consumption of coffee, tea and other beverages. Tooth discoloration would also happens from regular smoking of Cigarettes. Consumption of these kind of beverages would discolor the teeth. No matter how hard they clean the tooth by regular brush and floss the tooth discolor would not disappear. But for this problem there is a solution in cosmetic dentistry and the procedure is called teeth whitening which consists of bleaching the teeth. This procedure is performed by the dentist and once the bleaching is done it is advised not to consume food and beverages that could stain the tooth again as the teeth would have weakened for several days after the procedure.


DENTAL VENEERS in Best Cosmetic Dentist in Bannerghatta Road

Teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding is not suggested to all the patients as some of the teeth are more sensitive and it cannot be suggested to some of the patients. But, dental veneers can be one of the best method to solve the problem. Porcelain veneers are attached to the tooth to fix the problem. This procedure can hide tooth discoloration and gaps between the teeth. By using veneers it would correct the appearance of crooked teeth and add meaning to individual’s life.


When tooth is extracted nothing can fix them but a person can fix his loss through dental implants. They can be considered as the prosthetic of dentistry. By having a dental implant it would preserve the youthfulness of the person’s appearance. Missing of the tooth can change the facial structure by which he would look older. By getting this procedure done the patient can fix the problem in no time.


If the gums are too low or too high and if you feel unhappy with the smile you have you can go for gum contouring. This procedure is also known as gum reshaping. Apart from improving the smile gum contouring helps in improving the health of the teeth and gums.

No matter what kind of tooth defect you may be having cosmetic dentistry can fix the problem and help in having a better smile.