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Orthodontics call them ‘clear aligners’. Many consumers call them ‘Invisalign’, which is actually a brand name that has become generic, like Kleenex. Aligners are one of the many technological breakthroughs in dentistry, which has made orthodontic interventions less conspicuous. Aligners are revolutionary new dental appliance among numerous others that orthodontists use to move teeth and align jaws to streamline your teeth and give you a beautiful smile.

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How Aligners Work 

Best Orthodontist in Bannerghatta Road

Just like conventional braces, aligners are meant to move teeth little by little. After examining the patient, the orthodontist takes x-rays, photographs and digital impressions of the teeth to be aligned. The orthodontist uses this information to arrive at a diagnosis. He or she will then work on the aligner software platform and determine the treatment. He or she will plan out which teeth moves how much and in which direction, practically nudging your teeth into giving you a good smile.

Remember that this process is for all of your teeth, not just the ones that are exposed when you smile or open your mouth. The goal is to perfectly align your top and bottom teeth that fit together seamlessly. Guiding teeth to move is a complex physiological process, which needs to be closely by a qualified orthodontist from the start to finish.

After determining the pattern of treatment, a series of plastic aligners are made. These are nothing but plastic replicas of your teeth and are fabricated according to the teeth impressions of the patient. Wearing the aligners puts a gently pressure on the teeth while re positioning them ever so slowly. Orthodontists recommend that these aligners be worn for at least 22 hours every day.

The initial set of aligners is to be worn for a week or two as prescribed by the orthodontist, before he will make a new set and determine for how long the patient needs to wear the second set. This way over time, the teeth are nudged to their ideal positions within the jawline. How many sets of aligners a patient will need will depend on the particular condition and will be determined by the orthodontist. After the teeth reach their intended positions, patients are prescribed to wear retainers just as with conventional braces.

Advantages and Disadvantages 

According to Best Orthodontist in Bannerghatta Road,

The most obvious benefit if this new technology is that plastic aligners are almost invisible. They are also easily removable so patients can conveniently take them out when eating, brushing or for short periods of time involving work or social interaction.

However, aligners may not be the correct ‘appliance’ for treating every case of teeth misalignment. Braces may be imperative for certain types of correction.

People who wear clear aligners have to remove them when drinking any type of liquid except tap water. Liquids can seep inside the aligners and will stay there in contact with the teeth till the aligners are removed next. This can stain both the aligner and the teeth. If the drinks contain sugar or acids as found in most recreational drinks, it might lead to tooth decay. Certain brands of bottled water can be also acidic. If you drink anything sugary or acidic with a pH below 7.0, you must brush your teeth thoroughly before wearing the aligners again. Fluoride toothpastes strengthen teeth.

Patients may be tempted to remove the aligners at the smallest experience of discomfort. They need to realize that aligners work best when in the mouth. Also, when you must remove them, put them in their case. Do not place aligners in a purse, pockets or on napkins. Aligners also need to be kept where pets cannot get to them. In case you still end up losing or damaging your aligners, contact your orthodontist immediately. Some orthodontists also offer initial consultation free of cost or charge a nominal fee as well as economic payment plans.

Are Clear Aligners Right for You?

 The only person who can answer that question is an orthodontist. These specialists have seen many cases of teeth misalignment and are with many types of dental appliances to reposition them. He or she will suggest the best kind of appliance for you, based on your condition, treatment goals and lifestyle.

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