Root Canal Treatment

Root canal Treatment In Bannerghatta Road Bangalore. Meenakshi Dental Care provides you the quality Root Canal Treatment In Bannerghatta.  Root Canal Treatment Cost in Bannerghatta Road, is within your budget with us.

Root Canal is a commonly used form of treatment deployed to relieve dental pain and save the teeth from further damage. It is advised if there is any infection in the roots itself or in case any continuous inflammation found there.

Now the immediate question that pops up in your mind is how painful the Root Canal Treatment can be? To be frank it’s absolutely painless. But how is it possible? Well because anesthesia is administered to that portion which is being treated. Only in the instances where you are experiencing pain before the treatment itself due to tooth infection then there is a possibility of experiencing pain. The whole exercise focuses on preserving as much of your natural teeth as possible for the years to come. If you are anxious to see A dentist for root canal treatment then make call to Meenakshi Dental Care, the Root canal Treatment In Bannerghatta Road Bangalore our expertise Dr. Prashanth Reddy will clear all your doubts and fear.

How is it performed  ?

The dentist checks the teeth and administers local anesthesia in order make it painless for you during the procedure. Then the teeth is isolated from the rest with the help of a dental sheet space is created for filling by making a tiny opening into the crown of the tooth by cleaning the pulp and root canals. Then the dentist fills the opening created for this filling with – special material right from the top till the root canal along with a adhesive cement and seals it off. However it is only after the final filling only the dentist places a crown on top of the teeth by replacing it from the temporary one during the initial procedure and ensures restoration of its function.

When is this treatment recommended?

Root canal Treatment In Bannerghatta Road Bangalore suggesting,

  • When the Decay has extended to the living tissue inside the tooth known as pulp
  • When the root of the tooth or the internal portion of the tooth has also developed Infection
  • In case of any damage or injury to the tooth or its root
Symptoms indicating the need for Root Canal
  • If new pimples are formed on the gums
  • Teeth Sensitivity when you consume hot or cold substances, specially liquids
  • Heavy Toothache
  • Presence of swelling or tenderness

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