Sports Mouth Guard

Sports Mouth Guard In BannerghattaSports Mouth Guard is also referred to as mouth protectors; help protect any sort of rough impact to the face, bringing down the risk of teeth getting shattered and probable injuries to jaw as well. They are usually designed to primarily protect the upper teeth as they naturally stick out a bit more. Contact sports like boxing put face directly in the line of danger where a customized version of mouth guards play a crucial role in the athlete’s safety. Without this customization your mouth can still be at risk using a generic mouth guard because of imperfect fit and quality issues. Sports Mouth Guard In Bannerghatta. Best Dental Clinic in Bannerghatta Road, Meenakshi Dental Care ensure the protection of your teeth by our Mouth guard service. If you have any quires related to our Sports Mouth Guard services then connect with us. 

There are three types of Mouth guards available in the market:

Custom made Mouth Guards: These are the best out there and will be made by your dentist and give the best fit.

Boil and Bite Mouth Guards: These are first boiled in water and later allowed to take the shape – that is when you bite them to wear them – hence the name. Boil and Bite are available with your nearest chemist or in sports stores.

Stock Mouth Guards: These are mass pre-designed mouth guards, inexpensive in nature and do not offer any degree of customized fitting. They may make talking and breathing difficult due to their slight bulky nature.

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