Tooth Braces

Teeth Braces Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. Meenakshi Dental Care will help you to straighten your teeth. Braces Cost In Bannerghatta Road is affordable with Meenakshi Dental Care.

Braces and orthodontic treatment are used mainly for bad bite correction or for teeth that are overcrowded and not in the right positions.

In other instances though the teeth are straight there may not be symmetry between the upper and the lower jaw. And such misalignment may have been caused due to thumb sucking habit in the childhood or probably due an impact of any injury or even due to timing of loss of teeth. Along with correction of bite they also help in shaping jaws in the right way overall resulting in good dental health.


Metal Braces

Unlike earlier times the modern day metal braces are less noticeable as they are smaller in size and the best part is they are more comfortable. Usually these braces have two components which is metal brackets and metal wires.
Metal Braces are the least expensive ones among the options with the option of even colored bands for kids to express themselves well. A new addition is that of innovative heat activated Archwire which uses body heat to help teeth to reposition faster and causing much less pain than earlier versions of it.

Teeth Braces Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. Meenakshi Dental Care offers you Metal Braces with in your budget. If you are interested to know more about Metal Braces, please feel free to contact us.

Ceramic Braces

These braces are of the same size as metal braces except that their brackets can be customized to your tooth color. Best part is even tooth colored wires can also be used making it a clear brace. And due to this minimal visibility young adults prefer them who may have aesthetic concerns. They also reposition teeth faster in comparison to plastic aligners like Invisalign. Teeth Braces Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore ,Meenakshi Dental Care can provide you the best Ceramic Braces with minimum budget.

Lingual Brace

Teeth Braces Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore ,Meenakshi Dental Care offers you Lingual Brace. These braces are similar to metal braces except for an interesting change that they fit on the inside of the teeth. The main advantage in that they are absolutely invisible from outside.


These are clear plastic aligners that go for replacement every 15days. Upto 30sets of such custom designed aligners will be used during this treatment. For the quality product and best service connect with Teeth Braces Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, Meenakshi Dental Care.

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