Prosthodontist Near Bannerghatta Road

Who is a Prosthodontist ?

  • A dentist who specializes in the restoring tooth loss and jaw problems

  • Who has undergone two to three years of additional specialization after dental school,

  • Who can perform procedures to reinstate that perfect look and function back to your smile.

A Prosthodontist needs to be approached in the instances like:

  • When one or more of your teeth are missing
  • When you are willing to go for dental implants
  • When you are using dentures
  • When you choose to better the beauty of your smile

Prosthodontics is a dental specialty that involves right from diagnosis, treatment, restoration and maintenance of your of your tooth and gum through various procedures that deal with the appearance and functioning. It also works towards ensuring your teeth appear natural and pleasing. This can be done by means of dentures, implants etc.

Since it is a dental specialty a prosthodontists undergoes extensive training and develops a deep understanding of restoration dynamics of a smile and healthy oral structure.

In our endeavor to offer you dental care we may even collaborate with your regular general dentist and may be even other specialists to get the job done for you. If there is excess damage to your teeth it may lead to loss of that teeth or the structure, however our centre is well equipped to handle such challenges.

If you are searching for a Prosthodontist near Bannerghatta Road, then Meenakshi Dental care is near to you and  the Dr. Prashanth Reddy is the Best Prosthodontist near Bannerghatta Road, he will help you to meet your dental requirements. 

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