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Second Medical Opinion

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Going for a second medical opinion touches on two important aspects. One is that it reconfirms the mode of diagnosis used and second it reaffirms the treatment plan suggested by your doctor. Of courseĀ  it provides you good control over your treatment decision.

At Meenakshi Dental Care you can ask our experts to go through your reports in detail which will comprise of your medical history, various tests conducted and their outcomes and a thorough assessment of the current diagnosis and the treatment plan offered for it. Please raise all your concerns to our experts and do share if you are thinking of any alternate treatment options as well. We will provide you all the means to make a well informed decision and complete control over it.

A good advantage an online consultation offers you is an aspect of anonymity in relatively delicate matters. You can derive the best results when you get to consult the specialized and very well experienced doctors that too one on one for your second medical opinion. At Meenakshi Dental Care you can receive a comprehensive medical opinion on the treatment that has been suggested post diagnosis.You may log on from a place of your convenience let it be your office or home and submit the reports online;share all your concerns and get the answers.

Some of the advantages of taking a second opinion are:

Choice of the specialist of your desire

When it comes to second opinion you will have the benefit a hearing from the best in that speciaity of your choice.

Discover advanced treatment

While you discuss with an experienced doctor there are many chances that you may also come across other avenues where the same treatment can be more sophisticatedly and easily performed through this doctor

Stay in good control of your decision

Stats reveal that nearly 12% of cases are wrongly diagnosed. A second opinion from the right doctor can save you from lot of complications by probably rightly diagnosing it this time and you go ahead and receive the optimum care that you should have got in first place.

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